Dancing Team “EREVNA”

The Dance Group “Erevna” [“Research”] belongs to the Folklore museum of the Municipality of Salamis and is government funded. It was founded in January 2001 and its members are young people as well as people who are interested in the research, conservation, teaching and promotion of the local traditional songs, dances and the folk art tradition of Salamis.

Since its foundation, the dance group has appeared in numerous TV programmes, festivals of traditional dances and other events in Greece and Cyprus.

The dances and songs are characterized by variety and peculiarity in movement and sound. All these are harmoniously combined with the lavish and original local costume of our dance group which is the bridal costume of Salamis or Koulouri.

The museum of folk art and history in conjunction with the dance group has been organizing, since 2002, the “Traditional Dance Meeting of Salamis” which is held at the Euripides Theatre and attracts dance groups from all over Greece.

The dance instructor of the group is: Christina Drivas.
The secretary of the group is : Maria Boutsi

Folklore Museum of Municipality of Salamina Kon. Karamanlis Avenue 1, Municipal Palace, Salamina 18900.
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