Sights to visit

1. Folklore Museum & Salamina Municipal Library. In the Municipal building. (Town Hall) .

2. Archaeological Museum. (1st Elementary School also Known as Kapodistriakon ) at P. Lembessis street, in the Town center .

3. Euripides Theater, Panayia Eleftherotria Chapel. On Patris hill in the very center of the Town.

4. Windmills. On the top of St.Nicolas hill across Patris hill also in the Town center.

5. St.Demetreus church (burial place of Karaiskakis , painting by P. Lembesis and art work by Y. Halepas ). Also in the Town center.

6. St. Minas church (paintings by P. Lembesis and art work by Y. Halepas). Also in the Town center.

7. St. Phaneromeni historic convent 17th c.(paintings by G. Markou & burial place of J. Gouras ). North west of the island celebrating on August 23rd.

8. Residence place of our National poet Angelos Sikelianos. On the main highway on the coast of Phaneromeni convent.

9. St. Nicolas Lemonia Histοric Monastery 17th c. – St.John Kalivitis Chapel 10th c. Situated in a pine tree forest , south the island towards Kanakia.

10. Euripides Cave – Dionysus Temple. In the south of the island, Peristeria district (area).

11. Stone Light House. In the south of the island , at the Licopoulo promontory, a littlie farther from Peristeria South – westwards.

12. Metamorphosis Sotiros Chapel 11th c. Near at the aquare of Aeantion (Moulki).

13. Hypapanti Convent. At Flevariotissa – Menemeni area.