Museum of Folklore Arts and Culture


The folklore Museum of Municipality of Salamina is accommodated from October 1998 in a spacious room of New Town hall of – Cultural Centre and brings the name of Salaminian philologist, folklorist, researcher, Petros Fourikis, Director of Folklore File of Athens Academy up to 1936. In this museum is assembled plenty of Folklore objects of life of Salamina but also History of place. Particularly impressive is the collection of men’s and feminine local costumes that made from 1962. The collection of tzakon, goes behind 300 years, gives us a picture of that time and helps us to see the variety and the aesthetic perception of place’s clothing. Also in this museum furniture of various time seasons are presented, looms, domestic utensils, tools of various professions mainly agricultural as well as various ceramic and cupreous objects of daily life in prototypes drawings. The arms the ’21 and the silver button of general G. Karaiskaki underline to us the attendance in the fights and glorified history of Salamina. In the collections of museum are included also pictures of post byzantine period, church utensils and holy objects as well as infrequent written 18th and 19th and rich photographic material from 1850, tables of painting, and traditionally musical bodies.



Operation Hours :

Monday – Friday

09.00 – 16.00

For afternoon visits, as well as Weekends, telephone for appointment.

Kon/nou Karamanli 1, Municipal Palace

189 00 , Salamina

Tel.- Fax : 210 – 4654 180