Culture & Tradition

Important role in the growth of local culture plays the Municipal Enterprise Salamina ([DI].[K].[E].[SA]) which organizes and implements cultural, artistic, athletic and more generally social events, as well as seminars – programs of training and training of professional orientation.

Plenty of events occurs in Eyripideio theatre (mainly during the summer period) and in the ball room of “Dimitris Mpogris” in the Municipal Palace.

Also the Organization of Youth and Exercising of Municipality of Salamina ([O].[N].[A].[D].[S]) contributes in the culture, the physical and intellectual faculties, in the sporting fighting spirit, in team work and in the noble rivalry and general in anything that can upgrades Athletic and Cultural level for all citizens.

Moreover, in the Municipal Palace are accommodated the Municipal Library and the Folklore Museum.

It should marked that in the growth of local culture associations, the schools, the local press, musical forms are contributing, etc.