Music Band of Salamina


The N.P.D.D. with the name Music Band of Municipality of Salamina, was founded on Municipality of Mr Mpegni Sotirioy in year 1978.

Aim of Legal entity is the service and promotion of musical feeling and the entertainment of residents.

As resources it has the annual economic subsidy of Municipality of Salamina.

It is managed by 5 member Administrative Council, that is elected by Municipal Council and is constituted by each Mayor as Chairman, two (2) members of Municipal Council and two (2) Citizen with the essential knowledge.

Afterwards the Municipal Council of Legal entity elects the Vice-president.

The service of Members follows the municipal period.

The constitution of Municipal Council of Music Band for period 2007 to 2010 has as follows:

Spiridon Sofras, Mayor Salamina, CHAIRMAN

Antonioy Georgios, Municipal Advisor, VICE-PRESIDENT

Mpasiaras Markos, Municipal Advisor, MEMBER

Michalakis Chronis, Citizen, MEMBER

Kontopoyloy Theodosia, Citizen, MEMBER

In the Music Band of Municipality are delivered free of charge courses in our citizen, from the musician, that is selected by Administrative council, as more suitable in order to provide proportional services.

Information of registration in telephone 6972463848.