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Salamina is the largest island of the Saronic Gulf and nearest to the coast of Attica. Only 1.200 meters away eastward to Perama and a mere 500 meters from Megarid coast to the northwest. The island’s area consists of 93.5 square km, with approximately 100 km of coastline, and a population of 38.959. From a religious perspective, it belongs, along with Megara, to the Megara-Salamina Metropolis.

Salamina is the birthplace of the Homeric hero, Ajax, the great tragedian Euripides, and the creative venue of our national poet, Angelos Sikielianos. Additionally, Salamina was the beloved place of hospitality and refuge of Georgios Karaiskakis, a national hero of the Greek War of Independence. Salamina is renown throughout the world as the site of the greatest naval engagement in world history, which took place in the straits between the island and the mainland in 480 B.C. There, the Greek victory over Persian despotism assured the salvation, flourishing and expansion of Greek civilization to the West, and to the of the world.

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