Tourist Information

Salamina is the bigger island of Saronic Gulf and nearest in the coasts of Attica. It is found in the Northern department of Saronikou and it is separated from the coasts of Attica with Narrow of Pachis (north-western) and the narrow of Piraeus (Eastern), this two channels delimit the trick of Eleusina that is extended north of Salamina.

In Narrow of Pachis the minimal width of channel is 500 metres, while in Narrow of Perama it is 1200 metres. The length of coasts is 100 kilometres while the extent of island reaches the 93,5 square kilometres. Higher top is Mayroboyni (365 metres).

Salamina has population of 38.959 residents (inventory 2011). The island has one Municipality: Municipality of Salamina (year of foundation 1835). Ecclesiastical Salamina belongs in the Metropolis of Megara and Salamina.